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HealthyHIT Pilates Bray…..Fast, Furious & Fun!

Are you looking for a Pilates Class in Bray?

Healthy Hit Pilates is the most challenging pilates workout yet. It was created by founder of the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) Glenn Withers and is a combination of High Intensity interval Training, HIT principle and Pilates movements in a structured licensed program. Chartered Physiotherapist, Niamh is qualified to teach this HealthyHIT program.

Healthy HIT is a series of 6 classes each lasting 30 minutes that works you hard but teaches you correct technique to ensure you complete the workout the right way.
Many people who carry out High Intensity Training do so with poor technique and work at a level that their bodies may not be capable of , hence increasing risk of injuries. This HealthyHIT Pilates ensures that the same benefits of HIT physiology is achieved but with correct form and function.

This Pilates class is for clients who have preferably taken part in previous matwork pilates classes and have a good understanding of correct posture and activation of core and who are also injury free.

If you want to be highly challenged in Pilates, this is the class for you.

If you are looking for an experienced Bray Physiotherapist with experience in sports injury therapy then call me.

Pilates, Clinical Pilates, Bray, Niamh Coffey Physio
Pilates, Clinical Pilates, Bray, Niamh Coffey Physio
Pilates, Clinical Pilates, Bray, Niamh Coffey Physio