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slide1Bray Physiotherapy specialist based in the heart of Bray. Specialising in Sports injuries, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Dry Needling and more.



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Focus on improving the conditioning of the entire body



Treat muscle pain and stiffness, headaches, back pain and nerve pain


Manual Handling

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Brendan Ho : 
Chartered Physiotherapist

Brendan is a Chartered physiotherapist who graduated from University College Dublin with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (Hons) in 2020. Brendan has always had a keen interest in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and has gained experience in sport and exercise rehabilitation throughout his time in the UCD PhysioHub; a clinic that treats an array of common musculoskeletal conditions in the sporting population. Here, he facilitated clients’ return to full function &; performance following an injury. Brendan is currently working with Old Belvedere Rugby FC for the season 2020/21. Brendan has also spent time developing his skills in the management of cardiac, respiratory, orthopaedic and neurological conditions in an acute hospital setting and has translated his
techniques of manual therapy, communication and evidence-based practice to a clinic setting. Brendan’s other interests include weightlifting, cooking and playing/watching rugby!